Bail Secured for Client Charged with Assault Causing Bodily Harm

Mr. O was a young Indigenous man with no criminal record, but who had obtained three (3) sets of outstanding charges in a short period of time.  They were serious allegations involving an Assault Cause Bodily Harm against a complete stranger, and several breaches of court orders.  He suffered from Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder and addiction issues.  Mr. O did not have many options when it came to someone coming forward to sign bail for him.  The only person available was his mother, the person supervising him when he was alleged to have breached his bail conditions.  Ms. Bristow put in a lot of time preparing his mother to testify to ensure the plan could satisfy that there was not a substantial likelihood Mr. O would commit further offences.  Although it was a reverse onus situation, meaning the defence had to show cause why Mr. O should be released, after Mr. O’s mother testified, the Justice of the Peace told Ms. Bristow that he did not need to hear her submissions and released Mr. O back to his mother.  It was clear that all of the hard work that Ms. Bristow went in to preparing the surety and ensuring the plan of supervision would be stronger paid off.  Mr. O was able to go home for the holidays.  

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