Christian Angelini

Mr. Angelini is a criminal defence lawyer practicing in Toronto, the G.T.A., and throughout Ontario.  He is a founding partner at Rusonik, O’Connor, Robbins, Ross, & Angelini, LLP, Canada’s largest criminal defence law firm.

For almost a decade, he has been successfully representing people charged with a wide range of serious criminal charges such as Impaired Driving, Domestic Assault, Drug Trafficking, Fraud, Possession of Firearms,Robbery, Weapons Possession, Assault , Murder, Attempted Murder, Manslaughter, Dangerous Driving, Theft, Possession of Drugs (Cocaine, Marijuana, Ecstacy, Heroin), Break and Enter, and many others.

Mr. Angelini believes that in every case the ultimate goal should be an acquittal or withdrawal of the charges.  With this goal in mind, he is able to prevent his clients from getting a criminal record, which can severely affect one’s employment, ability to travel, and personal freedom. 

He believes that the first step to attaining this goal is to secure his client’s release on bail at a bail hearing or bail review.  For years, a consistent part of his practice has been devoted to successfully having his clients released on bail. 

 He takes a practical, no-nonsense approach to his cases.  The goal is always to win.  He is an experienced, knowledgeable, and proven advocate.   

He graduated from Osgoode Hall Law School in 2002, and was called to the Bar in 2003.  He completed his articles with the venerable firm of Pinkofsky, Lockyer, where he was made a partner in 2005.  In 2010, he formed Rusonik, O’Connor, Robbins, Ross, & Angelini, LLP with the other named partners.  He studied Philosophy and Political Science in University.  In his spare time, he plays golf poorly and remains a devoted fan of his hometown Raptors, notwithstanding their many losing seasons. 

He can be reached directly at 416-788-1996, or via email at