Client Acquitted Of Historical Sexual Assaults on Re-Trial

Mr. G was charged with historical Sexual Assault and Sexual Interference charges over a two year period relating to his ex-girlfriend’s daughter.  The assaults alleged stopped because his ex-girlfriend had allegedly caught Mr. G in her daughter’s bed late at night and kicked him out of the house.  The first trial resulted in a hung jury, and the Crown decided to re-prosecute the case.  As a result, the Crown knew Ms. Bristow’s defence as well as the evidence of Mr. G. 

The Crown’s case appeared strong with a fairly credible young woman as the complainant.  Her evidence was partially corroborated by her mother, as well as her cousin, who she had disclosed the assaults to prior to the police being involved.  This was no feat for Ms. Bristow, however, who worked diligently to poke holes in the Crown’s case, even using the complainant’s mother’s evidence to corroborate the defence theory.  There was a clear motive to lie on the part of the complainant and Ms. Bristow highlighted that for the jury, which helped to secure the full acquittal for Mr. G.  

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