Douglas Holt

Trial by fire.

Douglas Holt--see his website at the successful trial lawyer that he is through actually doing trials.  Hundreds of trials.

Even before he graduated from the Seattle University School of Law in 2002, Douglas Holt had gained more jury trial experience than most Canadian-trained lawyers ever achieve.

After completing his second year of law school he became a Legal Intern with The Defender Association in Seattle, King County, Washington and was immediately entrusted with a full caseload of jury trials which he promptly set about winning.

He quickly became addicted to the words "not guilty".

Mr. Holt went on to have a high volume practice as a criminal defense lawyer in Seattle over his first five years as a lawyer before joining Pinkofskys Criminal Trial and Appeal Lawyers in 2008.

In 2010, Douglas Holt joined the firm of Rusonik, O`Connor, Robbins, Ross, , and Angelini, LLP as a partner.

Since starting to practice in the Greater Toronto Area, Douglas Holt has continued to secure numerous acquittals for his clients from judges and juries in both the Provincial and Superior Courts.

If you are facing a criminal allegation involving guns, drugs, violence, property, or driving, Mr. Holt's experience, dedication, and work ethic will help enable you to successfully meet it.

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