Ehsan Ghebrai

After receiving a Bachelor’s degree from York University, Mr. Ghebrai attended Osgoode Hall Law School. Immediately focusing on the area of criminal law, Mr. Ghebrai became involved in constitutional challenges to both the medical marijuana laws and the prostitution laws. He was also heavily involved in the Innocence Project, a clinical program investigating and representing individuals claiming to have been wrongfully convicted.

After finishing law school, Mr. Ghebrai began practicing criminal law as an Associate at Pinkofsky`s Criminal Trial and Appeal Lawyers. Now a partner at Rusonik, O'Connor, Robbins, Ross, , & Angelini, LLP., he has represented, and continues to represent, people charged with all types of criminal and quasi criminal offences ranging from minor offences, to the most serious.

Regardless of the type of allegations you are facing, you and your interests will be represented aggressively with competence and dedication.

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