R. v. B.C. 

Tuesday, September 20, 2011 

Counsel: Hilary Dudding 

A fun day out at a summer festival turned ugly when our client was approached by the police and told to leave. An argument between our client and the police ended with our client being hit and kicked by the police officers and having her hands cuffed behind her back. The police charged our client with assaulting them, saying that she pushed one of the officers to the ground before they attacked her.

Many people when faced with the prospect of having to contradict police officers in court fear that no matter what they say they will not be believed. The truth is that the best offence is a strong defence and you should never give up just because you fear that no one will ever doubt a police officer’s word.

With our help, our client was acquitted of her charge of assaulting the police. Our careful cross-examination of the police officers in this case exposed many inconsistencies in their story: the length of time the incident took, whether our client showed signs of being drunk, whether our client threatened to punch the officer, and even whether our client was refusing to leave the festival.

Once our client testified, she told her story in a clear manner. She was well prepared to deal with the uncomfortable and unfamiliar experience of being cross-examined because of our hard work together. She didn’t get confused or contradict herself when she was challenged but was able to stay calm and explain what happened.

As a result, our client was acquitted of her charge. The judge did not believe beyond a reasonable doubt that the assault happened the way three police officers said it did. If you have been charged with offences where it’s your word against the police, don’t despair. Make sure you are well prepared and assisted by a professional.  



**Please Note: Past Successes Do Not Ensure Future Success**