Our client was released after a contested bail hearing for several serious drug offences, including the importation of a large quantity of a controlled substance across multiple borders.

He was released because of the quality of his proposed surety which we were able to demonstate by thoroughly preparing him to testify.  

A 'surety' is a person who pledges money as his or her guarantee that they will ensure a person released on bail under their supervision will come back to court as required and not get in further trouble.

A well-developed plan of supervision centred around a quality surety wins releases where accused might otherwise needlessly be ordered detained.  Moreover, it often results in less restrictive releases with control at the discretion of the surety.  This is crucial in ensuring bail does not become the equivalent of a complete denial of an accused's liberty. 

A person can be stuck on bail for months if not years.  A bail that is too restrictive is often impossible to comply with and leads to a return to jail.  There is a temptation to agree to whatever terms the Crown is proposing to agree to bail for your client but your often only doing them a short-term favour not fighing for less restrictive terms.  That's what happened here and our client is now free to fully assist in his defence and enjoy reasonable liberty while he is waiting to be exonerated of these charges.



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