Jury Doubts Words of Police Witnesses, Acquits Client of All Charges

The client was found not guilty of possessing cocaine for the purpose of trafficking and possession of the proceeds of crime at the conclusion of a trial before judge and jury. Police had raided a restaurant where the client worked, and two police officers testified at the trial that they saw the client throwing a bag of a large amount of cociane over the back fence during the raid. The client was also charged with possessing the proceeds of crime because a significant amount of cash was found in his pocket when he was arrested.

In cross-examination and closing arguments, the client's defence lawyer, Tyler MacDonald, highligted the key contradictions between the stories of the two officers, as well as the logical problems in their accounts. He submitted to the jury that the two officers had fabricated their respective stories about seeing the client throwing the bag of illegal drugs in order to strengthen their evidence against him. Mr. MacDonald stressed to the jury that a police officer, like any human being, is capable of lying. The client also testified in his own defence, stating that he did not have the bag of cocaine and explaining the legal origins for the money in his pocket.

After lengthy deliberations, the jury acquitted the client of all charges, therby saving an innocent man from a long period of life-crushing incarceration for a non-violent offence.

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