"I just wanted to express my gratitude for your dedication."

Dear ---,

I just wanted to express my gratitude for your dedication when it came to my case. As you know, it was a long and upsetting process for me, which would have been a great deal longer had it not been for the hours you put in to help me clear my name.

I am so grateful that you put up with all the stress my case has caused, I know that it must have been very laborious at times!

The determination and faith that you have shown has restored my faith in the judicial system.

Sincerest thanks,




"Congratulations on yet another excellent result before a very challenging panel of Ontario Court of Appeal Justices. Your work is always of the absolute highest quality and it is a distinct pleasure to be able to make use of so very many of the decisions you generate to 'foster the decency of police investigative techniques'.

Please keep up the good work, Mark."

"My gratitude for your kindness and wisdom...resonates with me daily. "

Mr. ___,

My gratitude for your kindness and wisdom almost two years ago now resonates with me daily.

I feel somewhat ashamed and embarrassed that I haven’t written to you sooner to express such feelings and share with you the joy I get from the relationship I have with my daughter and her family now—a relationship that could have ended broken and irreparable if you hadn’t been there to guide us through the fear, doubt, and despair at that moment in our lives.

Sir, if you’re ever having ‘one of those days’, please know you do make a difference and that someone out there really does appreciate your talent and ability for parting the oceans and moving mountains.

You are hope on this earth and, for that, I will always be thankful and grateful.

Mr. C.

"You and your colleagues...guided their family members through a legal maze"

Dear Mr. _______,

You and your colleagues...not only represented the protestors, but you guided their family members through a legal maze...I have notes of several phone calls you made to me over the course of that affair, and one other memory in particular: encountering a cluster of concerned and bewildered parents in the courthouse hallway, you made a short, spontaneous speech, assuring us that not only had we no cause to be ashamed or embarrassed, but that our children had performed the kind of noble acts that a decent society depended on.  This made an impact.  It was a decent, sensitive thing to do, and it made an impression.

J. M.

"Thanks so much for your hard work!"

Mr. ___,

Thanks so much for your hard work!  I didn't think it would be possible to do what you did for me.

Mr. S.