Anthony Robbins


Mr. Robbins was educated in London England.

He came to Canada where he received a Bachelor of Arts degree with distinction prior to attending Osgoode Hall Law School.

Early in his education at Osgoode Hall, Mr Robbins identified criminal law as his passion, becoming a criminal division leader for the community legal aid program where he defended numerous individuals.

While still in law school, Mr. Robbins participated in the intensive criminal law program which gave him the opportunity to see the inner workings of the crown prosecution office.

For more than twenty-five years, Mr. Robbins has used his education and experience to successfully defend thousands  of individuals accused of criminal offences.

It was with great pleasure that he joined the firm of Rusonik, O’Connor, Robbins, Ross,  & Angelini LLP in February of 2011.

Prior to joining RORRGA,  Mr. Robbins was the senior and managing partner of Robbins and Associates, a firm he started in 1991.

Mr. Robbins’ varied experience and vast knowledge of all areas of the criminal justice system combined with his aggressive style has resulted in impressive results for his clients.

Mr. Robbins is currently one of Toronto’s most successful criminal trial lawyers.

He has been representing those accused of murder since 1992, and has completed 30 homicide trials to date, of which only two have ended in conviction for murder. His success rate is unmatched.

He has set many precedents including R. v Keifer, an attempt murder case that involved an acquittal on the basis of non-insane automatism, and R. v Smart where  the police for the first time were required to videotape an accused’s statement as a prerequisite for admission into evidence.

Mr. Robbins has successfully represented thousands of accused on other charges including narcotics, firearms, sexual assault, frauds and domestic assaults. While such serious crimes do represent a large portion of Mr. Robbins’ case load, he continues to represent all those in need of his services regardless of the severity of the charges. His belief in the criminal justice system and the rights of individuals is as strong today as it was when he was called to the bar.

Mr. Robbins reputation in the legal community is such that he has been asked to provide crown attorneys with letters of recommendation in support of Judicial Appointments, several of which have been granted. Mr. Robbins has been asked to speak at local schools, the Law Society of Upper Canada and the Criminal Lawyers Association.

Mr. Robbins has earned the respect of his colleagues and adversaries alike.

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