Brian Ross


When Peter Edwards, author of The Encyclopedia of Canadian Organized Crime, One Dead Indian, and Deadly Silence: Canadian Mafia, recounted Mr. Ross’s “often-vigorous cross-examination” of a key witness in a first-degree murder trial – he could not have known the work that went into its preparation.  He could not have known that the preparation began long ago.  And that it had never stopped.  It never does.  Never.  Not in that case.  Not in any case.

Mr. Ross believes that every client deserves excellent representation from a knowledgeable and experienced lawyer, a lawyer who understands the effect that your charge is having on you, and who is prepared to provide the special attention that each case merits.  And to put it bluntly, Mr. Ross believes that you’re looking for a lawyer who will: (a) put in the work, and (b) let you know what’s going on.  If this sounds like something you’re looking for, you’ve found your lawyer.  With a reputation for being affable and easy to reach, you can take comfort Mr. Ross will ensure that you understand the status of your case as developments happen.

Initially trained and seasoned by legal giants Jack Pinkofsky and James Lockyer, Mr. Ross advanced to become a partner at Pinkofskys, Canada’s (then) largest criminal defence law firm.  After several successful years there, he proudly co-founded this firm with top Pinkofskys’ lawyers – Reid Rusonik, Liam O’Connor, and others.  His passion for trial work, though, started earlier. After graduating with an Honours Degree in Psychology, and authoring several journal publications in this area, Mr. Ross attended the venerable Osgoode Hall Law School. He immediately established himself there in the area of criminal law by becoming a Criminal Division Leader at the Community and Legal Aid Services Program where even as a student, he regularly represented clients in criminal trials.  While at law school, he was also a member of the Innocence Project, a criminal program that investigates and represents persons claiming to be wrongfully convicted, and worked extensively on the brief in support of the Grant of Executive Clemency for Leonard Peltier.  Even before graduating high school, Mr. Ross worked part-time at a criminal defence law firm and would watch all the trials he possibly could, whenever he could.

Mr. Ross is devoted to defending the civil liberties of those accused of all criminal offences and will work unwaveringly to preserve the rights given to every one of us under the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms. He has represented, and continues to represent, people charged with all types of criminal offences and routinely appears in trial courts throughout Ontario (and elsewhere) in high publicity, high stakes, cases.  While he’s made television appearances, presented at legal conferences, and led seminars on the newest legal developments in criminal law – it is fighting for a client in serious need of help that motivates him to never stop preparing a case. Never. Not in any case.  Not in your case.

Email Mr. Ross at or call him at (416) 658-5855.  If you are interested in reviewing more information about Mr. Ross and the cases he defends, please visit his website at