Cavan Maiolo


Cavan Maiolo

Cavan Maiolo is a criminal defence lawyer who represents clients across southern Ontario. After starting his career in Hamilton, Cavan moved to one of the largest criminal defence firms in Toronto before joining us at Rusonik, O’Connor, Robbins, Ross & Angelini LLP.

Mr. Maiolo represents clients with all kinds of charges including assault, sexual assault, driving offences and drug charges. He has conducted trials in the Ontario Court of Justice as well as the Superior Court of Justice in front of both judges and juries.

With a focus on protecting the rights of clients, Mr. Maiolo’s practice is built around ensuring that clients understand their circumstances and options. Mr. Maiolo believes that taking time and being available for clients is the key to ensuring that everyone charged with a criminal offence can address their charges in the smoothest and most effective way possible.

Mr. Maiolo believes that the only way to ensure the best result for a client is to be prepared to conduct a trial and place the onus on the crown. Only when you are prepared to fight to the last breath will you get the results you deserve from the court.

Cavan can be reached by email at or by text or call at 905-519-5803.