Douglas Holt


Trial by fire.

That is how Douglas Holt learned to be the successful trial lawyer that he is: doing difficult jury trials, and plenty of them.

Mr. Holt graduated with a Juris Doctorate Degree from Seattle University School of Law in 2002.  Even before graduating, however, he was representing accused persons in jury trials as a legal intern with the The Defender Association in Seattle, winning many before even graduating from law school.

After graduating law school,Mr. Holt had a high volume practice as a criminal defense lawyer for five years in Seattle defending people against a wide variety of charges.  He quickly became addicted to the words,”Not Guilty”.

In 2008, marriage brought him to Canada where he was quickly scooped-up by Pinkofskys Criminal Trial and Appeal Lawyers, the predecessor firm to Rusonik, O`Connor, Robbins, Ross, and Angelini, LLP, where he became a partner in 2010.

Mr. Holt never skipped a beat in his transition to practice in Canada.  He’s been impressing his partners and judges with a steady stream of jury and judge alone trial acquittals in all levels of Canadian criminal courts.

Managing partner Reid Rusonik calls Douglas Holt “consistently excellent” and “capable of relating to a trier of fact with an unrivalled sincerity.”

If you are facing a criminal allegation involving guns, drugs, murder, sex offences, robbery—or any criminal offence—Mr. Holt’s experience, dedication, and strong work ethic will help enable you to successfully defend against it.

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