Mahvash Mirza


Forensic evidence has become an integral part of many criminal cases and Mahvash Mirza’s educational background in science before going to law school has made her ideally suited to deal with it.

She applies the discipline of the scientific method to many other aspects of the criminal law as well, particularly when dissecting the applications the police make to get search warrants, another integral part of many criminal cases.

Mavash enjoys taking on cases throughout the Greater Toronto Area and defending clients against any charges under the Criminal Code of Canada in all levels of our criminal courts.

She measures success by how quickly and how painlessly she can get her clients back to their normal lives after facing criminal charges.  And she prides herself on her ability to carry the worry for a client while they get on with their lives while the charges against them are still outstanding.

Mahvash ensures she is always reachable.  She can be contacted on her personal number of 647-529-0977 at anytime, or by email at