Monte McGregor


Monte McGregor

Monte MacGregor has worked in criminal law for over twenty years. He primarily defends large scale criminal prosecutions; this includes murder, attempted murder, manslaughter, criminal negligence causing death, robbery, firearms and drug offences, as well as projects involving multiple parties accused of operating within criminal organizations.

After completing law school, because of his background in banking and commerce, he initially worked in corporate finance and securities at one of Canada’s largest law firms. Although this experience was rewarding and challenging, it did not fully engage his passion for the law. It was only after stepping into the realm of criminal defence that his true desire was ignited.

Mr. MacGregor takes inspiration from great leaders and speakers: Martin Luther King Jr. and Bobby Kennedy; advocates who utilized language and articulate passionate speeches to fight for what seemed like impossible causes. Impacting and influencing vast societal change through the persuasive power of their voice. He tries to take this approach each and every time into the courtroom, to emulate these great speakers and fight as though he is standing in the shoes of his client, against impossible odds – to fight for their lives.

Mr. MacGregor believes his ability to speak in court is the essential skill that differentiates him from his peers. He was professionally trained and worked as a radio announcer prior to attending law school. This time and commitment as a professional announcer laid the foundational groundwork for his ability to deliver compelling emotional arguments, to capture an audience and excel at persuading a jury deciding his client’s fate.

Mr. MacGregor has participated in over 50 cases where people have been accused of taking someone’s life – where he has fought murder, attempted murder and manslaughter cases, captaining numerous jury trials for people facing the most serious sentences. These cases demand tactical decision making to engage all points of attack and develop the most optimal strategic solutions.

Mr. MacGregor conducted the first ever Terrorism related murder case and the first ever Impaired Driving Causing Death case administered in Canada. A few of his recent successes and reported cases include:

  1. v. Moseley – not guilty of second-degree murder;
  2. v. Keyes – not guilty of first degree murder;
  3. v. Nowaczek – not guilty of first-degree murder, NCR for the stabbing death of a young girl;

R.v. Sitladeen – not guilty of first-degree murder, guilty of manslaughter for Toronto rap musician Yung Lava;

  1. v. O.S. – the first ever terrorism related first-degree murder case administered in Canada;
  2. v. Reid – not guilty of first-degree murder, guilty of manslaughter in a robbery shooting death of a shop keeper;
  3. v. Hassan-Adam – not guilty of first-degree murder, guilty of manslaughter in a drive by shooting on New Years Eve;
  4. v. Edwards – not guilty of second-degree murder, guilty of manslaughter for a shooting death amidst a fight outside of a record store;
  5. v. Powers – not guilty of second-degree murder, guilty of manslaughter for the shooting death of a drug dealer during a theft; and
  6. v. Brown – not guilty of attempted murder.

Outside of the courtroom, Mr. MacGregor has been an educator throughout his entire career. Early on he was fortunate to teach:

  • Criminal Law (the rules in society);
  • The Law of Evidence (the rules in court); and
  • Advocacy (how to speak in court).

This experience helped fortify his knowledge, strengthen his ability to convey complex legal concepts, and enhance his capabilities persuading an audience within the courtroom.

Mr. MacGregor continues educating and informing Canadians as a legal commentator offering his professional opinion and insight on criminal law issues that develop as well as explaining what happens in key criminal cases that arise in the news. He provides legal commentary for numerous television, radio and print news outlets, appearing regularly on CTV National News, CBC News, in the Toronto Star, the Toronto Sun, Global News Radio and other well regarded news outlets, educating Canadians on cases of national and international notoriety. Additionally, his own cases have been recognized on multiple occasions by numerous media outlets including:  CTV National News, CBC, Global News, the National Post, The Globe and Mail, Toronto Star, The Toronto Sun as well as The New York Times, The Wallstreet Journal and The Guardian amongst others.

Mr. MacGregor takes great pride in having received multiple referrals and recommendations from his opposition – after performing in court, those he’s battled seek out his assistance for their friends and colleagues when they’re in trouble.

He has assisted professional athletes, Juno Award winning musicians, internationally recognized authors, physicians, teachers, bankers and people from all walks of life; but primarily he assists the most disenfranchised and financially challenged people that live within his own community – those charged with the most serious heinous offences in our criminal justice system.

Justice never comes without a fight. A relentless fight where freedom and liberty hang in the balance. To be in this arena, the fighter must fully embrace the challenge and move across the battlefield with the eye of a well-seasoned general, the stealth of a spy and the precision of a gifted marksman. These skills are fortified through training and mostly through actual battle-hardened experience. If you’re charged with the most serious offences, you should seek out the combatant who lives, breaths and thrives in this environment.

Mr. MacGregor’s experience and reputation within the legal field demonstrates the level of excellence that he brings each time he is called on to defend his clients. He can be reached at or by telephone or text at (416) 707 – 8673.


Each time a man stands up for an ideal, or acts to improve the lot of others, or strikes out against injustice, he sends forth a tiny ripple of hope, and crossing each other from a million different centers of energy and daring, those ripples build a current that can sweep down the mightiest walls of oppression and resistance.

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