Nabeel Sheiban


Nabeel Sheiban

Nabeel Sheiban is exclusively a criminal defence lawyer.

Has the state charged you or someone close to you with a crime?

You need someone who will listen, provide support and fight for you. Nabeel is a dedicated trial lawyer who will guide you and provide a relentless defence.

Nabeel personally handles all aspects of your case. No detail will be left unexamined.

Nabeel is dedicated to the presumption of innocence and will not let you be intimidated by law enforcement and any allegation, from any individual, will be tested in court.

When the weight and resources of the state decided you are worth prosecuting , you have a choice in your defence. A choice that can be life altering. You want someone

Who will fight on your behalf.
Who will assert your rights.
Who will defend your innocence to the end.
Who will be there when you need them.

You want Nabeel Sheiban