Sayed Hafizi


Sayed Hafizi represents individuals charged with criminal and quasi-criminal offences and appears in every level of the criminal and quasi-criminal courts.

He clerked with the HonourableMr. Justice Lloyd Dean of the Ontario Court of Justice. The experience allowed him to not only sit in on various criminal proceedings, but also to obtain a judges perspectiveof a criminal proceeding.

Sayed completed his articles at Rusonik, OConnor, Robbins, Ross, & Angelini,LLPbefore immediately thereafter returning to thefirm as a partner.

Some of the cases he has worked on include clients charged with theft, homicide, robbery, sexual assault, terrorism and trafficking.

Sayed vigorously defends his clients interest throughout the judicial process with specific attention to ensuring the police and the courts have complied with the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms.  He routinely convinces the Crown not to proceed with prosecutions by pointing out Charter breaches.  In the case of R. v B.C, where the case went to trial, the accused was acquitted due to the police breaching the accuseds right to counsel.

Reid Rusonik, the firm’s managing partner, has said, “Sayed Hafizi is as earnest an advocate as you will ever meet.  He is incredibly calm under pressure and voraciously studies criminal law.  He is a very exciting young lawyer.”

Sayed is dedicated to ensuring quality legal representation to all of his clients, regardless of the offence. He can be reached at any time by telephone at 647-609-3556 or via email at Sayed is fluentin both English and Dari.