Tyler MacDonald


People who hold the view that the role of defence lawyers is simply to help the guilty escape justice are very lucky. They have the good fortune of never having been charged with a crime they didnt commit, or of watching someone they care about being put through the cold gears of the criminal justice system. I hope those people never have to face the terrible circumstances in the future that might shatter their privileged view. In the interim, the best of us must soldier on, so that we might build and preserve a system that will offer those people (and anyone else) a valiant defence and a fair trial, if and when they need it.

These words of Tyler MacDonald and the commitment they represent are born from over a decade of experience defending clients against murder charges, maneuvering through complex organized crime prosecutions, and standing on the leading edge of the evolving areas of defences against new on-line crime and impaired driving allegations.

From his earliest days in law—as a student lawyer representing people who could not afford lawyers and who had been rejected by Legal Aid—Mr. MacDonald learned that every person accused of a crime who values their future expects and deserves a fight to protect it.

No charges are minor” and no lawyer should take on a case without being ready to do every possible thing necessary to win. Every case needs to be treated as if it were the determining event in the clients life, because often it is.

This ethos has carried Mr. MacDonald through years of successfully defending clients against all manner of charges, from theft under to drug trafficking and from sexual assault to first degree murder.

Intensive case preparation and dauntless trial execution are approaches that work — no matter what the charge the client is facing.

Mr. MacDonald will commit all the time and energy necessary to get the best possible result for your case.  To him, theres no other way.

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